What Goes Into a Fish House Call Kit?

Veterinarian Dr Erik Johnson (koivet) illustrates and explains his housecall kit. From the space saving microscope to the kinds of test kits brought to bear. Everything fits into a Pelican 1500 box. 

The page will be presented live in March, 2020 in North Carolina to a group of hobbyists, vets and retailers along with a Wet Lab and a seminar on "What Really Matters" in Water Quality. 

Here's the Pond Call Kit 


Titanium Heaters For the Win – A+ Recommend Affordable

I have owned just about every kind of aquarium heater over the years from the ancient glass hang on heaters to the newest titanium bodied heaters. The price on the titanium heaters has come down to one that is very reasonable and fully worth it. Have a listen to my brief podcast on choosing an aquarium heater and why you should consider buying titanium.

DrJohnson.com Article / Case on Koi Herpes Virus

The following comes from DrJohnson.com about cross contamination of Koi via Goldfish. It was a case in the Ask The Doc section of the site. 

Link to the full article on DrJohnson.com 

Dr Johnson,

I got your address from my friend Jason who you recsrc=https://drjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/koi-970339_1280_koi_pixabay.jpgently helped with a pecan nut problem.

I may or may not have a KHV problem. If I can give you the story I hope you can tell me if there is anything I should do.

I dug a pond last fall and have 2, 5 inch koi doing fine in it. I have 5, 4 inch koi inside doing very well.

I have a lotus in a whiskey barrel that I've had for sometime and put cheap goldfish in for mosquitoes. They usually die quickly and I never thought much about it until I started reading about KHV and saw pics of Koi with KHV. I remember one of the gold fish having a dark patch on its gill cover that looked like a post mortem shot of a koi with KHV.

I have wintered umbrella palms in the lotus barrel.

So my questions.

1. Should I be concerned

2. Is there a nucleic acid test that can test water

3. Is there a non-invasive nucleic acid test for fish

4. At what point should I bring the outdoor fish to you before I move the indoor fish out.

5. Should I throw out the plants or is it safe to put them in the pond

If there are any products I need to purchase from you, please let me know.

Thank you

My Answer:

Koi Herpes Virus is not a legitimate liability to goldfish owners.
Testing is a mixed bag – – because if you test and it's positive, you have to (by law) go on record with the Federal Government. It's a "legally reportable" disease so the testing agency has to 'tell on you' and that COULD POTENTIALLY mean that you have to surrender your fish to the Fed and the pond gets drained and closed.

Any Koi that carries KHV in cold water will "break" with it when it's warmed to 70-78 DF
Any Koi that is infected with KHV will 'get over it' when it's warmed to 84 DF.
They're not considered ''cured''. By anyone but me, and also everyone in Israel.

The plants (left without fish for a week or two) will bring no diseases with them to a receiving facility. I can say that with even more certainty if the plants are in the seventies DF when you quarantine them.

So if you think the Koi outdoors are harboring KHV all you have to do is bring one up to 75 degrees and give it a week to break.

And if it doesn't, you're golden, on the KHV issue.

Besides a few recommendations on Amazon.com about heaters and air pumps, I don't officially "sell" anything so you're good there 🙂


Stop Water Changes and Go With Water Replacement

I've been through some aquarium filters. And I do keep coming back to sponge filters. And I have powered them with air, and also with water pumps. 

Right now, and for the last two or three years, I am depending on CAF250 Sponge Filters. They are built to handle 250 gallon systems and I found them on Amazon at a typographical price. They've always been $27-$35 dollars.  Then I found someone selling them for $10 and I've bought like, twenty of them. 

I like sponge filters because: 

  1. They run via airpressure, and airstones will oxygenate the tank while the sponge cleans it
  2. The sponge filters can't suck up food or a fish
  3. The sponge filters host tons of beneficial bacteria 
  4. The sponge filters are easy to clean. VERY easy to clean. 
  5. Sponge filters last a VERY long time. 

In this article (link) I've shown you the filters, and linked a way to get them for $10. It's February 2020 so I don't know when you're reading this or if the sponge filters will still be ten bucks when you look. 

But they're called CAF250 Sponge Filters. They're made by AquaTop. 

If my link is broken in this article, please pop over to DrJOhnson.com and let me know using the contact form. (Ask the Doc) 



Doc Johnson